How to get from the airport to the city

If you arrive by plane via Vienna International Airport VIE, you may use several means of transportation to get to the city centre:

Bus - Vienna AirportLines
Vienna AirportLines offers the best connections from Airport VIE to Vienna and back on seven days a week.

Line: 1183
Departure: Busterminal VIE (located at Platform 9 / vis-a-vis airport exit)
Exit-station: Stadion
Length of journey: 20 minutes
For the timetable please click here

Tickets available:
- Directly on the bus
- At the Vienna AirportLines office located at the airport exit

One-way ticket EUR   8,00*
Return ticket    EUR 13,00*
*Fare incl. 2 pieces of luggage

Information office Vienna AirportLines
1300 Vienna Airport, Check-in 3, Arrival
Opening hours: Mon - Sun 08:30 - 18:45
Tel:  +43 (1) 7007-32300
Fax: +43 (1) 7007-32304

Train: Schnellbahn S
The Schnellbahn (S-Bahn) is a low-priced way for getting from airport VIE to Vienna and back.
Line: S7 (direction Floridsdorf)
Exit-Station: Praterstern
Length of journey: 31 minutes

Tickets available:
Ticket machines can be found on the platforms at the airport

One-way-ticket: EUR 4,40 (including travel on Vienna public transport)

Train: CAT – City Airport Train
This way of going to Vienna is advertised all over the airport.
Simply follow the green CAT signs to get to the CAT platform.

Online CAT rate:
One-way-ticket:                    EUR 11,00
Return-ticket:                       EUR 17,00

Online CAT rate + Vienna lines:
One Way + 24 hours Vienna  EUR 18,50
One Way + 48 hours Vienna  EUR 24,00
One Way + 72 hours Vienna  EUR 27,50
Return + 24 hours Vienna     EUR 24,50
Return + 48 hours Vienna     EUR 30,00
Return + 72 hours Vienna     EUR 33,50
For booking your ticket online please click here

Ticket vending machine CAT rate:
One-way-ticket:                   EUR 12,00
Return-ticket:                      EUR 19,00

Ticket vending machine CAT rate + Vienna Lines:
Single ticket + single journey Zone 100: EUR 14,00
Return + 24 hours Vienna     EUR 26,50
Return + 28 hours Vienna     EUR 32,00
Return + 72 hours Vienna     EUR 35,50
CAT ticket vending machines can be found in the arrival hall and on the platform

Onboard tickets purchased on train:
Surcharge on the available rate single ticket and return ticket
EUR 2,00 surcharge per ticket on regular fare

For the timetable, please click here.

Taxi: Red-Cab
Only with pre-reservation
Tariff to and from Airport VIE to Vienna (district 2): EUR 29,00
Price per car up to 3 persons. Price available for online booking online.
For online reservation please click here

Taxi: Airportdriver
Only with pre-reservation (one week in advance)
Tariff to and from Airport VIE to Vienna: EUR 33,00
Reservation by telephone: +43-1-44444
For online reservation please click here (if you book online, you save 1€).

When booking your taxi transfer please indicate your arrival time, flight number and name.
The driver will wait for you at the arrival hall of airport VIE with your nameplate.

There are other taxi organizations offering a flat rate without pre-notification (e.g. Taxi 60160) for about the same rate. Find these other organizations here: